Friday, June 24

Product Review: Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

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          Black Head Remover Dual Sheet is a two stage blackhead removal and care system formulated with fruit and herbal extracts:

Step 1: Black Head Remover Sheet is formulated with a fruit complex to supply Alpha Hydroxy Acids for mild skin peel exfoliation.  The remover sheet draws out pore residues for wipe off removal.  Contains Orange, Lemon and Grape extracts.

Step 2: Tightening Gel Sheet is formulated with fresh herbs to heal and soothe pores.  The gel sheet tightens and nourishes pores with cooling sensation.  Contains Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint.

Etude House Blackhead remover sheet (Php78.00 each)

How to use it:
  • Adhere black head remover sheet  over nasal area for 15 minutes then remove *Tip: Use warm water or steamed towel to open pores prior to application
  • Use cotton swab or pad to wipe exposed sebum, blackheads, or whiteheads with downward motion
  • Adhere tightening gel sheet  over the same area. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove

          Ask me what I love about this product and I'll answer you with NOTHING. This product didn't work for me at all. I have big and open pores especially on my nasal area that's why I am having problem with blackheads. I thought this product would be great in removing blackheads but it did nothing. I can still see my (very visible) blackheads after using this. Would I buy again? No. I would rather buy the nose patch from Purederm which works better on me.


  1. I agree with you. I also bought this one. Di naman natanggal blackheads k. Have you tried Michelle Phan's DIY pore strips?

  2. i try this one too and didn't work to me too..

  3. Hello... lahat ng reviews ang comment hindi nagwork sa kanila ang products... hindi ko alam kung tama ako ha... pero sakin effective siya... at first akala ko din hindi... lalo na ng tinanggal ko ang 1st sheet after 15mins dissapointed ako kasi wala ngyari andun padin ang tumigas na namga whiteheads ko... dahil maitim ako mejo hnd halata ang blackheads ko konti lang... pero ang whiteheads grabe ang sama... so ang ginawa ko after ko tangalin ang first patch sinunod ko ang instruction na gumamit ng cotton buds... voila... sumama lahat ng whiteheads at blackheads sa cotton buds... parang pinalambot lang nya ang whiteheads at blackheads kaya dapat mo siya punasan