Sunday, June 26

Product Review: Geo Contact Lens in 3 Tone Brown

          I finally had the chance to buy another pair of contact lens from a multiply shop. I still have a pair of Flex Wear Contact Lens but since it'll gonna expire already after a month, I decided to buy a new one. It's a perfect timing for me since the multiply shop where I bought the lenses is having a sale. From Php650.00, the price was marked down to php570.00! How cheap is that? Here's the lens that I chose.

Geo Contact Lens in 3 Tone Brown
Geo Contact Lens in 3 Tone Brown
Geo Contact Lens in 3 Tone Brown
Geo Contact Lens when worn. *without flash*

          I find the color of this baby less opaque compared to TrueColors lenses but I love how it look just right and natural on me. I also love that I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing this. I already tried using it for 12 hours straight and didn't had any problems with it at all!  For its price and comfort, I will definitely repurchase!

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  1. I would say that if you've never worn naturelle contacts before then maybe these would feel a bit big as they do provide a big enlargement, however generally I do think these are comfortable lenses.