Wednesday, June 16

Eyebrow threading

Photo from Google.

     Just got home. I Went to Bench Fix Salon to have my eyebrow threaded. I was suppose to go to Lay Bare for the threading since it has cheaper price (php100.00 only vs. php150.00 sa bench) but the waxing salon was too crowded so I decided to go to Fix. The service was ok. The procedure was done for about 15 minutes. T'was my first time to experience eyebrow threading because I usually just pluck my own eyebrow and just thought of trying eyebrow threading. I thought it's painful but I was wrong. It was kinda tickling for me!. I also want to sport a new look. I mean, I want to change the style of my hair and make it a tad shorter\ and have blunt bangs. But I dunno if it'll work for me. I'm afraid that it will just emphasize the roundness of my face. What do you think? Any suggestion as to what cut flatters round faces?

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