Saturday, August 6

Product Review: Beauty Cosmetics' 78 Piece v.2 Palette

Finally! My review for my Beauty Cosmetics 78 Piece Palette is here! Bought this one online three weeks ago for only Php700.00. Cheap, eh? That's actually what made me decide to buy this palette. It's very affordable and everything I need is already in there.  Eye shadows, highlighters, liners, and blushes. I asked the seller if this one is the same as the Coastal Scents palette and the ever accommodating seller, Rosenn, answered me YES. They get their palettes from the same manufacturer of Coastal Scents. The packaging is a shiny black case and has a mirror inside it. Also included inside is a dual-ended sponge tip applicator. This baby is very sleek which makes it easy to carry around. I already swatched some of the eye shadows in this palette and already tried the blushes as well. The shadows are a mix of matte and shimmer. I noticed that most of the matte eye shadows aren't pigmented and won't show up no matter how many times I try to apply it. On the other hand, those with shimmers are very pigmented especially the brighter shades. Same thing goes with the highlighters and liners. The blushes are all matte and also not pigmented but I like them just the way they are :) Why? Because I have heavy hands and I tend to apply too much on my face! That's why I prefer blushes which aren't much pigmented so that I can have more control over it and would not end up looking like a clown! I love the colors of the blushes and I believe they all suited me. 

Here are the VERY few swatches. :p I would love to post more swatches but I just don't have time now. 

(If you are looking for an online store that sells affordable makeup palettes and brush sets, you can check Beauty Cosmetics online store. They have a wide array of palettes and brushes. The seller/owner is very accomodating too!)

I know all my posts aren't that informative. I don't know but I am not much of a writer. I'd rather solve tons of math problems rather than write. lol. But I hope this one will help you still. Thank you for reading!. Have a nice day! :)

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