Saturday, August 6

Saturday Haul: ELF + UniSilver Time

When I woke up this morning, I just find myself craving for my all-time favorite California Maki. So I took a bath and went ahead to Karate Kid in SM Fairview to satisfy my desire to eat my favorite Japanese food. But when I entered the mall, my stupid feet led me first to Watsons and ended up buying these ELF products.

A set of ELF Eyelid Primer and ELF Gel Liner.
Each costs Php249.70. Reviews for these to follow. 
These prods look very promising especially the gel liner. 

As I was walking inside the mall, I saw wrist watches in UniSilver's botique entrance. I was thinking these past few days of what to buy for my boyfriend's Birthday this second week of August and when I saw the watches that UniSilver is selling, I just thought to myself that it would be a perfect gift for him. I ended up buying him a digital wrist watch which cost Php1495.00. I also bought my self a watch which only costs Php800.00 because I am already getting tired of my 1 year old PINK digital watch from Bench. I wasn't able to take photos of what's inside the box because by camera's battery is empty already but you guys should check out UniSilver Time. They have lots of adorable watches all in affordable price!

Ahhhh! The very reason why I went to the mall is because I want to eat California Maki which by the way only costs around Php150.00 but then I ended up buying these stuffs and made 2K damage to my wallet! Compulsive shopping, that is! But yes, I know all these will make me, and my boyfriend happy. :) That's it for my today's post. Goodnight everyone! ♥


  1. its so tempting,can't wait for review :)

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