Sunday, June 13

Ellana Minerals

I've been wanting to try MMUs ever since I read good reviews about it. I especially wanted to try Ellana Minerals which is available locally. Ellana minerals offers a wide range of MMU shades and that made me  so confused as to what shade would look better on me. Thank god Ellana is generous enough to give free samples to those who want to try their products. To get free samples from them, I filled up their information sheet and received an email telling me to pay php50.00 for the shipping fee. I also wanted to try their silk glow hiliting powder, so I asked them to include a sampler size (1 gram) of it which costs php100.00 and a non-latex sponge which costs php30.00 per pair. I received the package yesterday and immediately tried it. The samples include 2 perfect blend foundation in cafe breve (which I find too light for me) and french vanilla latte, 1 powder blush in happiness, 1 finishing powder in espresso con panna, and 1 mineral concealer in awake. I was so impressed when I put it on my face. The foundation made my skin flawless and the blush gave my skin a healthy glow . Their concealer is also good and it really hid my dark circles and lightened my eye contour. However, my skin became oily just after an hour (that really is my problem!sigh) Maybe I should try using their oil absorbing finishing powder.and make up primer as advised by Ms. Coney. Ellana Minerals is such a great MMU to try. I just dont like that it comes in powder form  just like any other MMUs. I'm having a hard time applying it, it is kinda messy... but 'll definitely purchase again. Really worth the price!
To Ellana, thank you so much for giving me free samples :)
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Thats it for today
(Forgive me for not posting pictures. I just lost my cam a month ago. I really dont know when will I be able to buy another one :( )


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