Saturday, July 23

Skin Products + Makeup Palettes + Eyebrow Stencils

          I received two packages today for my online purchases last Thursday and yesterday. It took two days for Xend to deliver my order while JRS shipped my items for only one day.  So what's inside the packages?

Inside the Xend's small pouch

And inside the JRS pouch...

        I am so excited to try em' all out. I'll be doing individual reviews for them so watch out for it. :) 


  1. oh i love bare naturals! Have you read my review on their emu micropeel soap?

  2. @Kumiko Mae it's actually in your blog that I discovered Bare Naturals! :)

  3. I can't wait for you to review them Sannie! Lemme us know the prices as well~

  4. Sannie, I awarded you something. Drop by my page when you have time~

  5. aaah I want to try the micropeel soap! so unique >.<~ btw, thanks for visiting my blog yaa.. =)

  6. @ lINA kIM! Yes it's really unique because it has nodes that massages hard to reach areas of the body and good for the skin too because it contains natural ingredients and EMU oil. It's only available in the Philippines, though.